NABET-CWA Local 16 (CWA Local 51016) New York City. The National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (NABET) is the Broadcasting and Cable Sector of the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

Local 16 represents workers at the ABC Television Network and WABC-TV divisions of the Walt Disney Company, WABC-AM, WPLJ-FM, ABC Radio Networks.

NABET-CWA also represents workers at four other ABC operations in Chicago, Washington, and San Francisco/ SoCal.

To All Active/good standing Members of NABET/CWA Local 16:

There has been high interest in Drone training. So to accommodate our members, we are looking for anyone interested in this training to set up classes.

Please contact Steve Rubbinaccio with the following contact information. All information requested MUST be in the response or the member will not be considered.
Your name, address (no PO box), home and mobile number and email address.
If there is enough interest we will move forward and all information will be sent.

Please respond to Steve Rubbinaccio

Joe Schiavo Rememberance

March 26th 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium

One East 161st Street, Gate 6, Bronx, NY

Best Knockdown Meal Ever!

Unfortunately due to limited space we have to discourage significant others from attending.

Please RSVP



The 2018 Union Plus Scholarship — Start Your Application Today!

Last year, 106 union members, their spouses and dependent children were awarded $150,000 in Union Plus Scholarship, ranging from $500 to $4,000,

The Union Plus Scholarship Program awards scholarships based on outstanding academic achievement, personal character, financial need and commitment to organized labor’s values. Union Plus Scholarship awards are granted to students attending a two-year college, four-year college, graduate school or a recognized technical or trade school.

The application deadline for the 2018 Union Plus Scholarship is January 31, 2018.
Register at the scholarship application site and start your online application today. You can return as many times as needed to complete your application, including the required essays and letter of recommendation section.

“Education is a vital building block for success.We’re pleased to be helping some of the labor movement’s most promising students achieve their college dreams.”
– Union Plus President, Mitch Stevens

An example of the U.S. labor movement’s commitment to higher education since 1991, the Union Plus Scholarship program has awarded more than $4.2 million, helping fulfill the educational dreams of more than 2,800 union families.

2018 NABET-CWA Memorial Scholarship Awards First Application


1. The scholarship is open to sons and daughters of active, retired, or deceased members.
2. Applicants must be students in a high school class graduating in 2018.
3. The award supplies $750.00 yearly for four years as a partial payment of tuition or other expenses to the school designated by the winner.
4. Winners must maintain at least a C+ average, or equivalent, during their four years in college and must attend full time.
The return date for the preliminary application is February 12, 2018. All applications must be verified by the Local President, in the space provided before mailing to the Sector Office at:

Attn: Scholarships
501 Third Street, NW
6th Floor
Washington, DC 20001

This is a merit based scholarship. Once the first application has been returned to the NABET-CWA offices, a second application will be mailed to the student. The student must complete the forms and submit a 500-1000 word essay, transcripts, and other supporting materials. Good luck!

Info on other Union Scholarships also available at

Union Plus Scholarship (AFL-CIO), due by January 31, 2018
Joe Bierne (CWA), due by April 30, 2018

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2017-2021 NABET Rates-1

2017 NABET Sector Scholarships announced (See Benefits and Scholarships)

Congratulations to two recent retirees from NTM:

Wing Chung 37 years and Mike Moran 41 years with ABC.

Joe Schiavo Passes

Retired ABC Technical Director Joe Schiavo passed away in early November.

When workers have unions, they have a clear path to getting health care, sick days, basic safety precautions, and better pay.


Christopher Shelton (r.) was elected the new president of the Communications Workers of America by acclamation of delegates to the union’s 75th convention. Local 16 President Art Mazzacca and VP Jim Nolan were on hand to congratulate him.


Summary 3-16-2017

Overall Tentative Agreement (PDF)